Acoustic Guitar

Note: if you are interested in this program, please setup a trial lesson prior to purchasing a guitar.
Full-size steel strings are typically too big for students below the age of 16. We can provide a recommended size/instrument after a trial lesson/meeting.

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

The GCNW Acoustic Guitar syllabus comprises a comprehensive approach to steel string playing, and is intended to encompass the precise needs of the individual student.

Everything from basic chord and strumming technique, to advanced fingerstyle, alternate tunings and flatpipcking can be covered as needed. Beginner students will work from a variety of methods selected by the instructor, and will endeavor to improve or develop reading (both TAB and notation), technique (proper use of both hands, as well as pick), and musicianship (rhythmic control/development, tempo control, ear-training).

This program is optimized for students who are primarily interested in folk/acoustic music, examples including James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Nick Drake, Neil Young, John Renbourn and many others. Teachers will often work with printed transcriptions of pieces, as well as doing transcription on the spot when necessary.

Note: This program is not intended for general music learning, therefore students are expected to already have some experience or music training in another instument such as piano, drums, classical/beginner guitar, or any other instrument. Steel strings can be difficult to learn on for total beginners, and most entry level steel string guitars are low-quality and do not provide a good platform for solid training. For total beginners ages up to 13, we recommend Guitar for Children which is a more foundational program.


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