Suzuki Guitar

Please note that the Suzuki® Method requires total parental involvement, without exceptions.
Parents are required to take training prior to the commencement of the child's lessons.

After the start of the child's lessons, the parents are expected to continue to play the instrument.
For further info and to setup a phone consultation, please email or call us at (646) 535-5651.

Recommended for ages 3 - 9

The Guitar Conservatory of Northern Westchester's Suzuki Guitar program is a curriculum designed for teaching guitar to children starting from age 3. Skills developed in the program include ear training, theory, sight-reading, and instrumental technique.

Unlike traditional music lessons, where the parents have little or no involvement with their child's lessons, children in the Suzuki guitar program learn the instrument with the help of a dedicated home teacher: the mother, father or guardian, who always practice with the child, and attend all lessons and classes. In addition, the home teacher is trained prior to the start of the child's lessons, and continues to study the instrument in parallel to the child.

The Suzuki philosophy is based on a 'mother tongue' approach, implying that children can acquire a language by being immersed in an environment that efficiently fosters its acquisition; Music, being understood by the brain as a language, is capable of being learned in a similar way. At home there is music for the student to absorb, being played by the parent, as well as being heard from recordings. While children begin by learning the primary Suzuki repertoire without seeing written music, they learn to read music on a separate track, just like they do with reading language.

For children in the Suzuki guitar program, learning the guitar can be as effortless as it was to learn their native language, provided the environment is carefully fostered according to the teacher's instructions. It's common for practicing to become a game that they look forward to every day, instead of a chore, or a task that they need to be reminded of.

At home and during lessons and classes, parents must pay constant attention to correct posture and proper arm, hand and finger placement as well as the production of beautiful tone.

The music children learn in the Suzuki guitar school is standardized and carefully sequenced by a committee of professional guitarists. Each piece prepares the student for the next. In addition to the core repertoire, children learn pop songs, movie themes, and anything else that they have an interest in.

The curriculum consists of a weekly private lesson with a Suzuki certified instructor, and a weekly or monthly group class. Both the private lesson and group class are required.

We recommend that prior to consideration of the Suzuki Guitar Program, parents follow the following important steps:

1.) Visit the Suzuki Association website to learn about the Suzuki Method

2.) Read one of the following books:

  • Ability Development from Age Zero - Shinichi Suzuki
  • Everything Depends on How We Raise Them - Shigeki Tanaka
  • Nurtured By Love - Shinichi Suzuki

3.) Contact us to schedule a private consultation/meeting about your child, and to go over all the elements of the program.
Prior to the meeting we will email you our PDF document for incoming students.

4.) Attend one of our parents introductory presentations. Please contact us for presentation schedule and to register.


  1. The maximum age applies to the start age. Once in the program, students can remain in the Suzuki Method until high school graduation.


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