Electric Guitar

Note: if you are interested in this program, please setup a trial lesson prior to purchasing a guitar.
Full-size electric guitars are typically too big for students below the age of 15. We can provide a recommended size/instrument after a trial lesson/meeting.

Recommended for ages 11 and up.

Our program in Electric Guitar is a comprehensive course of study that includes instruction in all aspects of electric guitar playing, including rhythm, lead, improvising and beyond.

The electric guitar playing course is suitable for all students with a desire to play rock, popular, blues and other similar styles.

Unlike the instruction that students might receive at an institution dedicated to so called 'Rock Music', students in our school receive one-on-one lessons that focus on key technical and musical areas of development such as sight-reading, scales and arpeggios, improvisation, and other specialisms like tapping, bending, pick harmonics and more – lessons for the truly serious guitar student of rock and popular music.

Not to say that group (e.g. rock band) experience is not of high value, but the skills any guitarist masters begin with training from an experienced professional, and cultivation of disciplined home practice, and those are areas we specialize in.

Besides providing a solid musical foundation through the core syllabus, all students have the opportunity to learn the songs they love in any genre, from blues to rock to heavy metal.


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